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Getting Started


WITH THE ePanaweb

Your Learn2Profit Step-By-Step Checklist


Follow Each Step and Check Off As You Complete

Hello (Prospect’s First Name)

I want to welcome you as a new ePanaweb – LIBERTY
Entrepreneur and Partner. Now that you have
made the decision, taken the first step and started your new home
online business, here is the LEARN2PROFIT STEP-BY-STEP CHECKLIST.
This checklist that I put together will help you build a foundation,
getting your ePw Business off to an exciting and good start so that
you will start making money as soon as possible. By using the ePanaweb and following these steps the system will not fail
 you!! HERE WE GO….

___1) Make sure you have ordered product from
Liberty Health Net and that you are on autoship
so that you will get paid.

___2.) Get started on the excellent ONLINE TRAINING
PROGRAM. Your Member’s only website address is
You will be asked to enter your User Number, which is your
ePw ID number and then your temporary password, which
was emailed to you when you signed up. Once in your Member’s
Site go to the Admin Center, then edit “your profile” and set
up your own password. VERY IMPORTANT! In the ID box put
the Liberty ID Number, which will be emailed to you in a few
days. Now get started on your training in the Training Center.
IMPORTANT! Keep a copy of your original password as you will
need it to get into your ePw Back Office.

Just take it one step at a time. Remember, you can only eat an elephant one
bite at a time. While going through your training be sure and write down any
questions you have so that I can answer them. Don’t forget the Support
Center at the top right side, here you will find more information on running
your ePw business. Be sure and click on ePw for Dummies.

___3) Your “Teaser Page” URL is:
This is the page where tour taker will sign up on your WebPages. You need to replace the Zero’s in the link with your ePw ID Number. However, to avoid any potential SPAM problems that could shut down the entire ePw System you must get a shorter URL. Go to your Members Site and then to the Support Center. Click on Get A Zipylink and sign up for your shorter URL. This is a must. DO NOT do any advertising of your site until you have your new Zipylink.

___4) Set up one or more separate email addresses for your
new business. Hot Mail and Yahoo are just two examples. If
you use a local Internet provider check with them as they
often will provide you with more than one email address.

___5) Go check out our Learn2Profit Team Online Training
Site at Spend some time exploring all of the additional help and training available for you on our site.

___6) Compose your greeting letter to be sent out to each new tour taker as soon as they sign up on your site. Write your own or choose from the examples our Learn2Profit Team Website or the ePw for Newbies Website. When done, save your greeting letter in one of your email accounts.

___7) You don’t need to call your prospects, that’s alright but then you will need to flood your site with leads and have at least 100 tour taker on your site at all times.

___8) For those of you who like to call your prospects; get your phone in order!

a) Call your local phone company to get 3-way calling.

b) Set up voice mail from your local phone company or get an answering machine.

(Your tour takers will call you!!)

Now you can have your own Toll Free line! It makes a difference!
* Voicemail and Toll FREE Number - The Voicecom Recruiter Only $9.95 Per Month


___1) Your immediate sponsor is your most important link to success and it’s your responsibility to keep in close contact with them. Your link to success does not stop there. Your Upline Leaders are also there to help you. Don’t be afraid to reach up to them. THEY WORK WITH YOU AND HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN YOUR SUCCESS. You can find your upline leaders on the Learn2Profit website. Make sure you meet every one of them.

___2) Check and read your e-mails at least twice a day! Remember this is not only AN ONLINE BUSINESS, BUT AN E-MAIL BUSINESS!

___3) Be sure and read any e-mails from your sponsor, The Learn2Profit Team and other upline leaders.


a) Get on the Learn2Profit Sunday night group call at 9 PM EST, 8PM CST, 7 PM MST and 6 PM PST. The number to call is 1-405-244-5555, code 0608.

b) Get on and send all of your tour takers to Kevin Sipe’s Monday Night recruiting call. The time and phone number is the same as above.

If you learn the business, you’ll make some money.

If you learn to teach the business, you’ll make more money.

If you learn to teach others to teach the business, you’ll make a fortune!





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