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What if your Emails could talk?

Your prospect can hear a quick message from you or a professional!

Right in their EMAIL!!!!!

The banner above and below will take you to a Website that not only talks, but all 9 voice messages youíll listen to were recorded by phone and took only a few seconds to upload!

Sound crazy?

I thought so too until I was introduced to a brand new voice technology!

And thatís why we bring you AudioGeneratorô - the fastest, easiest, most economical way to increase your signups and profits without spending a nickel more on advertising costs.



Here's just some of what you get:

  Unlimited Number of Voice Messages - I can create an unlimited number of Voice Messages in my AudioGeneratorô account.
  Unlimited Number of Websites and WebPages - I can post my Voice Messages on as many websites as I choose, there is NO LIMIT to the number sites I can place my Audio Messages on.
  Unlimited Audio Emails as I desire - I can send out as many Audio Emails as I would like to. Whether it is 1 or 100,000, there is never an additional cost to use this feature of AudioGeneratorô.
  My Own Personal Toll Free Testimonial Line - After you signup for your AudioGeneratorô account, you will receive your very own Personal Toll Free Testimonial Line, which you can give to your customers to capture their Voice Testimonials for your product or service.
  Unlimited Use of Our Toll Free Record By Phone Service - I understand I can call into AudioGeneratorô's 24 hour Toll Free Record By Phone Service as much as I need to. I will only be charged for the short amount of time I am on the service.
  FREE MP3 Upload and Encode Service - Simply upload your existing MP3 files into our server and our software will take those long hard to load MP3 files and turn them instantly into AudioGeneratorô play messages.
FREE Future Upgrades - As long as you are a member of AudioGeneratorô, you will receive Future Updates at NO-COST. No matter how many times, we update the service, you will receive all updates and upgrades 100% Absolutely FREE.

I love it, its working for me and my leaders and it will for you.
I will help you !! Now go get yourself your own Talking Emails :)
Paul Davison
L2P Team


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