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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Ok, you have people taking your tour, looking at your ePw business. Within the first 24 to 48 hours the system will have  e-mailed the tourists at least twice for you beginning the follow up process. Now it's time for YOU to follow up with them creating that personal touch that will close the deal.
The Fortune is in the Follow Up!!
EZ Phone Script!!

Follow up is, was, and always will be the key to success in building an organization. While many people get results without doing any additional follow up over and above the series of letters that we send to the Tour Takers, the key to long term success with this program is follow up. Keep in mind that all of these people saw the website and
decided to join. They are obviously interested, but most of them have the same basic question:
                           1.  Can I do this/How do I make money?
                           2.  Is the company credible?
                           3.  How much does it cost?
                           4.  Will you help me?

Keep those questions in mind when following up with your Tour Takers. It is a good idea to send a quick email to each Tour Taker introducing yourself and giving your phone number and email address to let them know that there is a REAL Person who will be there to help them. This email should be designed around your personality, and should simply be friendly and serve as an introduction. 

These guidelines for calling your prospects are just that...Guide Lines. I have tried to set the table for you. You certainly will not be able to give each prospect every benefit of our system in the “What’s In It For Them", Your Prospect. By listening to their responses and taking some notes when asking them some of the qualifying questions below; you will then know what benefits to highlight. If you have any further suggestions or ideas please get back to me. Hear you on the 3-ways!

Sample Scripts and Training Tips

Take a look at these samples and remember that these scripts are only samples.
Don’t look at them as canned pitches.

1st Call Script

Hi, ________(prospect name)? This is ________(your name) from ________(city/state) returning your call regarding free information on a home business...that you requested from the internet by taking my free tour of the are you today? Great! Listen ________, I just need a few minutes of your time. By the way ________, what do you DO for a LIVING? How long have you been ________? (job, sales, etc...)

That’s great...and let me ask you...are you looking for a part-time or full-time home business? Excellent, ________ . We do harness the power of the internet with our business.

The website had the information about our company, product and compensation plan did you look it over? If not I will email you a login link later so you can get back inside the site to look things over. Right now if you have a minute I want to let you listen to some instant info (sizzle call coming soon) That was exciting wasn't it..and if you are available on ________ (pick a day), I will call you to answer any questions you may have on our home business. You’ll really appreciate the fact that our home business requires little time, no sales experience. Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with you on ________.

Prospecting Success Tip: SET your phone appointment and explain what you are sending them. Then ask for your prospect’s commitment in reviewing your information before the phone appointment. (Name), I look forward to speaking with you on ________, we will then discuss our success system. (Important!) I appreciate your time. Thanks, (name).

I want to also mention that our home business allows the average person with no sales experience and little time to SUCCEED!


Follow Up Call Script

________, How are you? Great! Did you review the (Web Site)?

(Stick to your GUNS now; keep YOUR Value!)

What did you like the best? What I have found to be the best way in helping you make a decision, (name), is to identify 4 areas of a home-based business.

   1. Company
   2. Product
   3. Pay
   4. YOU! (Success System, Support)

What’s great about our business model is that it is time tested and proven and ePw is one of the reasons why!

Here is the bottom line, ________. Many of people have achieved financial freedom with ePw/LHN and you can, too, if you decide to join. With the price being ONLY ________, you have to ask yourself...“What if this works?”

Imagine the ability to wake up when you’re done sleeping, take time off when you want to, (not when you need to!) spend quality time with your family and or travel the world doing what you have always dreamed of...and by the way...“What would you do if you were financially free?”

Prospecting Success Tips:
• 3-ways are critical and should be used at this point in 
• Utilize WEEKLY conference calls, Sizzle call, Upline help
   • Always have a SENSE OF URGENCY!
   • SHOW the SYSTEM!
   • Support the company web sites,
     incentive program or whatever your team has in
     place to help others succeed.
   • SELL YOUR TEAM - People are sold on people, not

4 Closing Questions

The 4 Closing Questions are still the best ones to ask a prospect after an event or presentation.

#1. Based upon everything you’ve seen here today, if you were to start part time, how much money would you need to earn per month to make this business worth your time?

#2. How many hours per week could you realistically give the business to develop that income?

#3. How many months would you be willing to give the business to reach that income level?

Use the figures from the first 3 questions in question #4

#4. If I could show you how to develop a $________monthly income working about ________hours per week for ________months, would there be anything else you would need to know before you got started?


Keys to Successful Phone Prospecting

   • Creative persistency with the right attitude is the key.
   • FOLLOW-UP is the most important aspect of sponsoring.
   • Use the phrase “This may or may not be for you”.
   • Tell them that sales experience is not required.
   • Explain that little time is needed to make money.
   • Tell them that you have a low operating expense.
   • Some people may have bad timing or money situations.
     Don’t expect to bring everyone into your business.
   • BELIEVE in yourself!
   • Remember how you were sponsored!
   • Spend quality time on personal development.


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