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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

The Single Biggest Mistake 99.9%
Of Us Make When Talking To Prospects

OK you have joined ePw and started your business, your brain is in high gear. In fact, you can't even sleep at night. You are thinking of all the lives that your new opportunity can touch and change.

[This pertains more towards your Tour Takers than personal friends but we will use "Sally" as an example]

You are especially happy about presenting it to your good friend "Sally". Why "Sally", because of all the people you know, "Sally" needs it the most. She will now be able to pay her bills, buy Christmas presents, and most of all get back on her feet again, because she deserves it. After all, when you hit it big time, you especially want "Sally" to be right there with you! So, the first chance you get you go running to "Sally's" apartment, and shout, "Sally, I've done it. I'm so excited. I've found a way for us to hit it big time." After you share your enthusiasm and program details of how "Sally" can benefit from network marketing. "Sally" says, "no". After you pick yourself up from the floor, your mind is spinning for an answer. Your mind can't conclude anything that's reasonable. You keep thinking, how "Sally" out of all people, needs this business. After all, if she had been the one that found this opportunity you would of joined in a heart beat (and thanked your lucky stars). Again, your mind thinks she of all people needs this opportunity.

This scenario is what I call the Mother Teresa affect. You want something more than they do. You care more about there future than they do. (Mother Teresa Affect).

However, anytime you care more about someone's future than they do. They will never come into your organization. If they do sign up (probably from begging) you will find that you will also have to beg them to work. This of course is a mistake that we all make when we get started. It's never a mistake to talk to people about your opportunity. The mistake is wasting your time on people that are not interested (no matter who that might be). Your time is best spent looking for people that are looking for you. Sift and Sort. That is what the ePw system is designed to help you with. Sifting and sorting through prospects to find those willing to do what it takes to succeed. Just like YOU and just like ME! You will receive 100 No's before you receive 5 Yes's. Rejection?? Put it out of your mind. Means nothing.

Remember it this way..... SOME WILL, SOME WON'T, SO WHAT!!  ....NEXT!!!!!!

To our success,
Paul Davison

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