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Exclusive Leads

Our L2P Guaranteed Tour Taker COOP is the best Bargain bar none for building your ePw business.

The best return on investment versus any leads purchase. We suggest this over anything. But if the COOP is Sold out and/or you are using the recommended autoresponders and lead sources for use with ePw, we at the L2P Team have a suggestion!

We have the Bargain Opt In Leads for Reply2it!

Kevin Sipes approved these opt In leads from the same source of  HOME BASED LEADS!

Normally the leads are 65 cents to $1.00.

WE have the sources approved by Kevin and ePw and YOU can have them for just 20 cents.

We have tested them and are formatted for your Reply2It autoresponder. Meaning email address first then first name then last name with date stamp and ISP address.

Ordering 100 leads has not proven to be productive or proved a good return on investment value. We found the below amounts to prove the best returns and recommend for purchase.

So Get Your Autoresponder Leads for 20cents each here!

Exclusive for L2P Team Members!

250 Leads = $50(.20 cents each)

500 Leads =$80(.16 cents each)

1000 Leads = $120(Best Deal > 0.12 cents each!)

We recommend


Don't take our word for it...See what our L2P members say.......

Paul & Bruce,

I just had to tell you how great the doubles are.

In the last 48 hours I have received 31 tour takers, 
3 of which have signed upfor the experience and business 
with just the Welcome Letter being sent out immediately 
upon signing up for the tour!!!!

Anyone that has not purchased some of these HOT leads, 
does not know what they are letting go by!! I'm excited 
and ordering more right away!

Talk to you both later.


Wendy Gasparin

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