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Banners For Use On YOUR Page
Please select the banner you would like to use from below. Just copy and paste the html code below the banner to your own site! If you experience any problems or just need help with placement please contact me and I will gladly make sure we get your banner up!

All banners will display on your web page exactly as they do here. All banners are standard size(468x60) for web pages.
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For the Team

With this banner you can replace the A HREF= url with your own toursite url.

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Starting Sources for finding Ezines to advertise in:

People go to a search engine to find work from home ads and being one of the Top 10 listed gets you traffic. How do we get to be in the Top 10 on the web? You bid for the spot and costs pennies on the dollar to be #1 but there are many to choose from, and only a few are worth your time. Below are the ones we've used to some great extent.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines:

Do they work? Absolutely, but you have to have tons of keywords and a fantastic ad. Email David Patterson for a list of keywords to use for your PPC campaign and ask him for sample ads to use. We also will help you create an eye catching ad, contact us.
We suggest 7Search and Findwhat for best results.
To find out exactly what is available go here -->
Kanoodle we recommend staying away from.
In your member's section of ePw, under Training is also more info.
eMagazines, place a ePw ad in an emagazine or ezines. Your ad seen by 25,000 or more. Circulation varies on each and most geared toward home based business. We can help you write a successful ad and you can choose an ezine from the 'eZine directory' below to advertise it in. Safelists are lists where people opt in to receive info on home based businesses. We have put a 'Safelist directory' below for you as well.

click any link below for helpful information

US Only Guaranteed Tour Takers

Guaranteed Tour Takers

click here for your


EPW Overview

Getting Started

EPW Pay Plan

Exclusive Leads

Avoiding The Mistakes

3 Keys To Success

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

Recruiting 101

Sample Phone Scripts

Sample Tourist Letters

What Is A Sponsor

Tons Of Traffic

Leaders Contact Info


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