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Who has the best autoresponder for the money?? That is a good question!
Each time you turn around there is a new autoresponder service.
But with all the SPAM issues and people using multiple responders the costs
have skyrocketed and most of the services now have limitations on import
amount and/or outgoing letters sent.

ePw recommends Reply2It and is a fantastic autoresponder. But just recently
they have set a 2000 lead import limit and dropped their monthly allowed
letter output from 75,000 to 50,000.  Not good! Once you have imported leads
over time and want to rearchive older leads...that is when you reach a limit
and can no longer import for the month. I know as I am experiencing it right
now. And am not happy with it. What was Reply2Its answer when I asked how to
get more?? Buy another autoresponder. Hence open another account.

Well, the hunt began for an even better autoresponder and with the help of
one of the key leaders in ePw we were able to locate one that absolutely
blew Reply2It out of the water. I was shocked!

But why so much competition?
The low cost responder syndrome had largely
been forced upon us by ProAutoresponder who
offered unlimited responders for $17.95 a month.
It didn't take them long to realize the mistake they
had made so they limited imports to 5000 a month.

Still having trouble they launched a new service by
the name of RealResponder in which they raised
the prices from $22.95 for 5,000 a month to $47.95
for 15,000 a month and that's their maximum. Need
to send more than that? You have to order another

GetResponse's single Pro responder costs $17.95
a month and is limited to sending 1,000 mails a day.
They offer a mail extension limit to 10,000 mails a
day for an extra $29.95 a month.

Reply2it have a monthly sending ceiling of 50,000
mails. Want to send more? Buy another account.

My challenge was trying to avoid the need to order
extra accounts

The QuickTell Advanced single responder costs
$14.95 and is limited to sending 5,000
mails a day. That's 5 times more than you would
get with GetResponse's offering at $17.95.

Unlimited responders cost $30 a month and are
 sending 20,000 mails a day spread
over all the responders you have running. That's
5,000 more than you would get for $47.95 with
RealResponder and 525,000 more per month
than you would get with Reply2it.

Clearly the choice is QUICK TELL!

$14.95 for 1 autoresponder with unlimited import and sending
Optional Flash presentations and more features.

$30 for Unlimited Autoresponders, Unlimited Import and Unlimited sending.
Flash,audio and a whole lot more..This is by far the BEST there is!

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Get yourself one TODAY and we will help load your ePw letters for you!

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