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Here are two options that will help you sign your prospect up.

1. If the person has a checking account there is good chance that he/she can have a bank debit card issued to them for that account. Visa or Mastercard logo debit cards work jut like credit cards. Have them contact their bank ASAP.

2. Their Bank will only issue an ATM debit card with no Visa or MC logo which means we need to find an alternative.

Of all the folks I have spoke with who do not posses a debit or credit card that wanted to join, 90% were from the US.

Thanks to AmeriOne Debit MasterCard® any US resident over 18 can have one.

The AmeriOne Debit MasterCard® Program Guarantees 100% Approval for qualified applicants. It is for people who have had past credit problems or those who cannot obtain a credit card or bank account.

If you are at least 18 years of age, a US citizen or have a permanent residency in the US, and a social security number, you are guaranteed approval for your very own AmeriOne Debit MasterCard®.

The program allows you to build your available balance at your own pace while enabling you to enjoy all the conveniences and purchasing power of a MasterCard®.

You can easily have your AmeriOne Debit MasterCard® funded through "Direct Payroll Deposit" by your employer. Or, upon bank account verification, you may choose to have a pre-determined amount applied to your AmeriOne Debit MasterCard® Account on a regular basis from your savings or checking account. Or, simply mail funds to AmeriOne and we will apply them to your Account.

Its Simple – It’s Easy – It's Only $9.95 -Get Your Guaranteed AmeriOne Debit MasterCard® Here

Help them get a Debit card and they will love you forever! Now anyone with a check or money order that wants in can have their very own Mastercard Debit Card!! Add the link to your welcome emails and explain they can use this option.

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