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Tourist's Welcome Letters
It is important to establish contact with your new tourist in the first 24-48 hours. By email we use a Personal Welcome Letter. Here are a couple samples:

Subject: Personal Note !*FIRST_NAME*!, from Beth and Bruce

 Hi Bruce,

I see that you’re taking a test drive of my World Wide ePanaweb Home Business.   This tells me you’re looking for a way to make money from home using your computer.  This is a personal note to say hello, thank you for your interest in the ePanaweb, and let you know there really is a live person behind this amazing system.  Look for the automated emails you’ll be receiving everyday from the system telling you more about the opportunity.

My name is Bruce Wilson and I've been an Internet Entrepreneur for eight years.  I reside in Vancouver, Washington, just across the Columbia River from Portland Oregon.   I live with my Tonkinese Cat Ralph having moved to this area 4 years ago after living in Santa Rosa California for the previous 25 years

The ePanaweb can provide the means to your Financial Freedom, to be your own boss, to retire early or live the good live style.  Ours is the most complete online Business Building System on the Internet, providing you with all the marketing and training tools you need to explode your business and start making money!  But it's up to you to take the next step and secure your position. To secure your position go here:

Enter your email address to login to your FREE tour of The Most Powerful, Simple and Lucrative Income Builder on the Internet.  Go through the tour, and then click Join. This is a 2-step process! First you join the ePanaweb then Liberty Health Net.  I guarantee you 2 income streams, one from ePw and a second one from Liberty Health Net and if you join by Midnight Tonight ePw will wave the $20 set up fee.  Success is a decision. You can decide and use our automated money making machine called the ePanaweb to change your financial future today.   Call if you need help or have questions.

Warm Regards,

Beth and Bruce
Learn2Profit Team Leaders

Showing People how to achieve Financial Freedom for the rest of their lives.
Email to:
Call Toll Free: 800-942-8395

Sample #2
NAME,  This is just a personal note to introduce myself to you & to let you know that your decision to sign up for the Free Tour of my PC-IntelliSystem is a good one, (if you are serious about making money with your computer). There are real successful people behind the ePw System. They are making money Entirely Online. I plan to be one of them some day, (this is not a get rich quick scheme).

You are now receiving, (or will receive), e-mails from the automated marketing system. They will have my contact info on them; (call or e-mail me any time). However, this is a personal e-mail to say hello and to let you know that I am a real person and that this system does works. The system will do over 90% of the work for you, but you must learn to work the system. The 20 day tour will give you that opportunity before you pay a dime.

To enhance the learning process and help make your business blossom, our Learn2Profit Team, (the fastest growing group in ePw), has created a very informative and helpful web site: That’s in addition to the training you’ll get on the tour. Plus, they also sponsor a Live Conferencing call every Thursday and Sunday night. Our sizzle call, (a pre-recorded message giving you a quick overview of the system), is also a helpful tool; call 1-800-242-0363 ext 3002 right now, (or any time you want).

 You will learn that the ePw System is advanced Internet technology. It is a very Successful turn-key automated marketing system. It even pays you twice. Two income streams: The company pays you for the product your people buy and the ePw system pays you for everyone you personally sponsor, (for as long as they remain active – incredible). This business is so simple and the cost is so reasonable …. Just think, .... A Profitable Low Cost Home Based Business with a website that enrolls, duplicates, markets, sifts, sorts and excites while bringing interested people to you.  

I hope to work with you when you become a member of our team;

Rudy Scheffler

L2P Team w/ePw


Just remember to replace your info with theirs when copying and pasting.

Answers For Tour Takers

Lost Log-In link: 
When I call a New Tour Taker, they have been in the system less than 24/36 hours. Sometimes they know the name and others remember the ePwntellisystem after I mention that they would have seen Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.  If the prospect wants to review the information again before making their decision, I will send them this short message.  I will tell them in advance that the Subject Line will read:  ePwntellisystem Log-In Link and the From will read:  Your Name.  Some folks will delete messages if they don't know the sender so let them know the details in advance.  Also include their e-mail address.  They may have more than one address and the only one that will let them back into the Tour site is the one that they registered with.
Dear John,
It was great to talk with you this evening. Below find the
"log-in" link. 
Enter your e-mail address: johndoe @
Click on the "log-in" button.
Looking forward to talking to you again on Wednesday, July
31 at 8:30pm. I'm only a phone call or e-mail away.
Until then.........................
Your Name
Proud Member of ePw
Learn2Profit Team 
Your Phone Number 
(email addy)
How Much Does It Cost:  Sometimes a prospect did not include their phone number when they filled in their information on your ePwntellisystem home page.  They send you an e-mail asking you about the investment.  If you have a phone number, it's best to call them.  This helps to build a personal relationship with your new prospect, soon to be Member.
Dear Pat,
I'm sure that the reason that you are asking is because you want to make some extra money. We're sorta like McDonalds.
There are many companies out there that have great products but they don't have a system to market them.  That's why Mc Donald's is so successful, they have a system.  And that's why our ePwntellisystem works so well, it sorts, sends follow-up letters to our prospects 24/7 and gathers the prospect's information. We only talk to the people who
are interested.  The system weeds out the rest
We also market nutritionals that are geared for your health. So not only are we taking care of your personal needs but we are also providing an incredible marketing system, the key to making money on the Internet.
The cost per month is around $55 dollars.  What you get for that is $25 worth of product, that's how you get paid commissions. $30 for the ePwntellisystem web sitefor which you receive a $10 monthly residual check for eachof your personally sponsored folks. 
When you first get involved I'll be helping you
to build your group. I've never found a company that
supplies you with so much support.  If you should decide to move forward, you're definitely in the right group.
Your Name
Proud Member of ePw
Learn2Profit Team 
Your Phone Number 
(email addy)
Foreign Tour Takers:
Compensation Plan by Kevin Sipe: Remember that it's better to talk to the person on the phone however, if they are never at home etc. an e-mail message the next best action to take.
Hi Joe,

We earn from two income streams. One from the ePwntellisystem marketing web-site and another monthly  residual commission  check from Liberty Health Net. 
Put $10 in your pocket each month from each person that you bring into the business from their continued monthly purchase of the ePwntellisystem marketing web-site.
When you refer others to Liberty Health Net and they purchase products, Liberty Health Net will pay you commissions on their purchases.  When those members you have referred refer others, you will earn additional commissions on their purchases.  This can continue through 4 levels.  Lever 1 pays 5%, level 2 pays 10%, level 3 pays out 10% and level 4 pays 40%. On top of all of this, we earn 60% of the first months purchase of each person that we personally sponsor.  That bonus check is paid monthly and the amount can be $15 up to $60 bucks!
Since 9/11 the country is unemployed and can afford little. Its the system people want more than the products, do not fool yourself.  Internet people are looking for a cashflow, door to door people are looking for the products. We are Internet driven.  We never talk with  cold prospects, they all come to us first. The big money is made by pooling with your upline. The more you talk with them, the more they  will help build you up. The ones who call me are doing the best.
I have several people since January that have hundreds in there downline. Our methods of advertising is whats working. The companies that sell opt in leads are not all that good. We show you how to do the right way of advertising.  We are at the start with Liberty Health Net, they have the best payplan in the industry. Low cost, great system, and high traffic volume will win everytime, This is marketing. If you need help,  e-mail any of us, we will be here for you....
Thank You 
(your Information)
More Information message: If you have their phone number, it's much better to talk to them.  If that's not possible, I will send out the message below.
Dear Trevor,
I'm sure that the reason that you are asking is because
you want to make some extra money. I have been
involved in this program  for only a short time and I can
honestly tell you that the Internet is working.  Many of
my up-line have built hundreds of people in their down-
lines in several months, all from the Internet.  I never
thought this was possible.
Because of this system you do not have to chase
anyone. Do not go after your family or friends. The
good people are spread across the country. You could
never do this without using a proven system. The
company also pays weekly fast commissions. This helps
build cashflow quickly.
If you need any questions answered feel free to e-mail
or call me. I'm looking forward to working with you.
Please take advantage of the FREE 20 day tour
click the link to get the whole story. All of your
questions will probably be answered.  No obligation,
you can deleter yourself from the list at any time. 
You're in control.
To your success,
Your Name
Proud Member of ePw
Learn2Profit Team 
Your Phone Number 
(email addy)


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