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It's here!! 2 Income  Streams!!


Earn From $15.00 - $60.00 On Your Personally Sponsored Distributor's First Order! Get Started For Only $25.00!  $16,180.00 Potential Payout! Matrix is Compressed Monthly For Maximum Payout! Easy-To- Understand Income Plan!  Matrix Allows You To Re-Enter On Your 4th Level! No Sponsoring Required To Get Paid On First 3 Levels!

Liberty Health Net has one of the simplest and most straightforward compensation plans in Referral Marketing. Our compensation plan has no group volume requirements, no CVs, BVs or other confusing terms. Simplicity is easy to understand and duplicate. We pay you a straight dollar amount on each purchase made in your organization.

Here are Member Status levels:

Silver Gold Platinum
 Level 1                5%  Level 1                5%  Level 1                 5%
 Level 2              10%  Level 2               10%  Level 2                10%
 Level 3              10%   Level 3               10%  Level 3                10%
Purchase 1 bottle ($25)
 Level 4                40%  Level 4                40%

No Sponsoring Required

Purchase 2 bottles($50)  Level 5                 5%

2 personally sponsored "Active" Distributors

Purchase 4 bottles($100)

4 personally sponsored "Active" Distributors

The company offers a 4x5 matrix and may take longer to fill conventionally offering you to come in at $100. Here is where ePw WORLDWIDE takes over.

ePw builds a 3x4 inside the 4x5 matrix forcing a quicker fill and faster spillover.

A 3x4 Filled at the GOLD Level looks and pays this way:

Level 1     3 people          5%= $7.50

Level 2     9 people        10%= $45.00

Level 3   27 people       10% = $135.00

Level 4   81 people       40% = $1620.00

Total 3x4 payout at $50 Gold Level = $1807.50

Now here is where the RE-ENTRY Fits in. On your 4th Level you should take a second position in your 3x4 at $25. This will bring you a second check from LHN plus the new position will have strength from above getting spillover. Once the 2nd 3x4 is filled GUESS What? Yes...take another spot on that 4th level.

 Can you imagine 3 FULL 3x4 at $1800 a piece = $5400 + per month?? Not to mention the Fast starts at $15-$60 per person. This is happening RIGHT NOW!!!!!


That's right! You may have seen systems all over the net with dinky pages and no support. Mere copies of ePw. But no matter what the system costs..$19,$20,$35 and some have seen $50, NONE pays you BACK for using the system.


ePw Costs $29 and what you get is a 24/7 Automatic Recruiting Machine that Teaches all walks to succeed. The programming and hardware in this system is what we are paying for. It's mechanics create and make, our business simple and functional, eliminating what we used to do...cold call, present, retail, family& friends...all that is no longer...ePw does it all. IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!


Now for every person your ePw system recruits for you, every month you will be paid $10 for each person. So 10 people = $100. That check comes from ePw every month...but signed up 10 more!! $200 now and by the time you have 80-100 people in a few months ...$800-$1000 check from ePw.



ePw and LHN!!


Keep It Simple, Pay It Double.......ePw Worldwide


Learn2Profit Team

Get on our TEAM CALL Sunday nights at 6pmPST/9pmEST by calling 1-405-244-5555 code 0608# They are for YOU!


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